Using the library when the building is closed

Why get a library card when the building is closed to the public?

That’s a good question, so let’s talk about it.

Based on the prevalence of COVID in our community and the limitations of our small building, the decision was made to close the building to the public until conditions were safer for those who enjoyed spending time there. In the meantime, the library continues to provide most of our traditional offerings via Curbside Services and Homebound Delivery, as well as 24/7 online resources. Library staff are available to assist you over the phone 6 days and 40 hours per week, or online anytime you think of a question.

So, here is a list of reasons why you should get a library card in the middle of a global pandemic.

Free books, movies, CDs, and more brought right to you.*

Access to hundreds of thousands of books, CDs, movies, TV shows, records, homeschooling resources, and science kits for free — including new releases and bestsellers. While you can’t walk into the building and pick them up at the desk, we will bring them to your car or even deliver them to your home, all for free.

Tired of paying for several streaming or ebook/audiobook services? Get them from the library, instead. There’s no reason to pay for your next binge of Friends or Sex and the City or for the several books James Patterson and Nora Roberts will be releasing this week.

Search for whatever items you’re interested in using our online catalog, by browsing online displays on our homepage, or by chatting with a librarian by phone or online.

* Sometimes you may find a free candy bar, magazine, or other little gift in your bag, too!

Thousands of free popular & classic ebooks and audiobooks.

Access to thousands of ebooks and audiobooks from home using your library card. Listen to audiobooks on your commute or read classics and bestsellers on your phone or your tablet without having to leave home. Check out some books while you’re 500 miles away on vacation. Check out something at 3:00am when you can’t sleep. We subscribe to multiple apps and providers, so you can always find something that interests you.

Learn more about checking out ebooks and audiobooks on our website.

Read over 3,000 popular magazines on your phone, computer, or tablet.

Access to thousands of magazines, including current issues, online using your computer, phone, or tablet on the Libby App. Whether you’re interested in magazines about cars, cooking, current events, or celebrity gossip, there are literally thousands to choose from.

Get past the paywall when it comes to things like Consumer Reports, car repair, and legal assistance.

Your library card grants you free access to resources you’d otherwise have to pay for, like Consumer Reports, EBSCO Auto Repair Service (for you DIY car types), and the Legal Information Resource Center (family law, wills, immigration, small business law), and more.

And, it’s free!

All residents of Steger and South Chicago Heights ages 5 and older deserve a library card. Applying is quick and easy, and your card will be sent to you (or available for pickup) soon!

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