Crafts @ Home: DIY Decorative Wall Mirror (with spoons!)


-plastic spoons
-hot glue gun
-circle mirror
-spray paint


Place the mirror in the center of the cardboard. Trace around the mirror, to mark where the spoons will be placed.
Cut the handles off the spoons.
(The plastic handles are hard to cut, I used a wire cutter)
Hot glue the ends of the spoons around the traced line.
Hot glue the spoons in between the first circle of spoons.
Continue gluing the spoon ends, until the cardboard is no longer visible.
Glue the mirror in the center of the cardboard.
(Use permanent glue if you would like the mirror to REALLY hold.)


I used red spoons, you can use any color of spoons you would like. You could also buy a can of spray paint and paint the spoons to the color of your choice.

I used the circle from a frozen pizza. It is the perfect size. You can use any cardboard you would like and the circle can be any size. Keep in mind the bigger the circle the more spoons you will need.

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