Easter Bunny Visit 2022

Call 708-755-5040 to reserve your family’s time slot!

Do I have to register each of my children separately?

Nope! You can register for one time as a whole family.

Where will the Easter Bunny be?

The Easter Bunny will be in the meeting room.

What will our visit be like?

When it’s time for your special appointment, you can check in at the desk, and the Easter Bunny and their librarian friend will call your family’s name when the Easter Bunny is ready. You’ll have a few minutes alone with the Easter Bunny to take pictures and get your gift books and goodie bag. We’ll print out a nice picture for you, and you can take some pictures of your own, too.

Why do I have to register?

Even before COVID, our Easter Bunny events would get a little too crowded to be comfortable. No one likes standing in line, especially not families with small children! When we began requiring registration and having timed tickets a few years ago, it became a much more enjoyable experience for families and staff. There’s no standing in line, no crowds — just a fun family outing!

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