About Us

The Steger-South Chicago Heights Public Library will provide resources for lifelong learning.

Our Core Values

• Equal Access
• Intellectual Freedom
• Service 
• Diversity 
• Literacy
• Lifelong Learning
• Teamwork 
• Creativity 
• Responsible Stewardship of All Resources

Vision Statement

The Steger-South Chicago Heights Public Library District will be an essential resource in connecting people with our world through the discovery of knowledge and culture.  We will meet this challenge by providing access to information in a welcoming community environment.

Our Story

In 1963, Steger School District 194 made an agreement to have the newly constructed school library at Central Junior High serve as a library to residents within the school district. Eventually, a group of Steger and South Chicago Heights residents worked together to pursue a referendum to establish a library district that including both villages. 

On March 15, 1975, the referendum was passed and the Steger-South Chicago Heights Public Library District was formed. The new library opened on Aug. 30, 1976, at 3326-28 Chicago Road in South Chicago Heights. In 1987, the library moved into a new 5,000-sq. ft. building, located at 54 E. 31st St. in Steger. 

After receiving a $250,000 Live and Learn Construction Grant from the Illinois State Library and an Illinois First Grant sponsored by State Representative Debbie Halvorson, plans were implemented to add a Children’s Wing. With fundraisers sponsored by The Friends of the Library and personal donations from residents and businesses, an additional $35,000 was raised. The Children’s Wing was constructed in 2002 without an increase in taxes. 

Today, the Steger-South Chicago Heights Public Library has more than 45,000 items available for circulation. We have seven elected library trustees, an enthusiastic Friends of the Library group, and a staff of dedicated employees. We are committed to our mission of providing and promoting information and ideals that will continuously inspire the residents of Steger and South Chicago Heights.