COVID Vaccine Info for Cook & Will Counties

Last updated: March 2, 2021

We know it can be confusing trying to find a vaccine right now for several reasons. We hope that by compiling this information into one place, it might be a little less hectic for you.

Right now, there are several places offering the vaccine, but each place has very limited amounts to administer.

Who currently qualifies:

Cook County & Will County residents:

Both counties are in phase 1B of their vaccine distribution plans. Both consider these people to be part of 1B:

  • Individuals ages 65 and over
  • First Responders (Firefighters, Police)
  • Education (teachers, support staff, daycare)
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Corrections workers
  • U.S. Postal service workers
  • Public transit workers
  • Grocery store workers

As of February 25th, Illinois counties may choose to include people under 65 who have certain pre-existing conditions (such as cancer, diabetes, or sickle-cell disease, heart disease, among other things) but so far, Cook and Will counties have said they will not be including this group in current vaccinations. You may see this referred to as 1B+.

Neither county has announced when it will move to the next phase, 1C, which includes other essential non-frontline workers under age 65.

If I qualify, where can I go to get a vaccine?

If you live or work in Cook County:

Appointments update periodically and are notoriously hard to get. Check periodically throughout the week.

If you live in Will County:

Fill out the form above and someone from the county will contact you when you are eligible and there are vaccines available. They have not made any statements about when you will be contacted or how long the wait currently is.

Anywhere in Illinois:

The above stores are scheduling appointments online for those in the above qualifying groups. For Walmart and Walgreens, you will need to make an account before you can search. These appointments are also difficult to find, but less so. Some people have even found appointments at one of these stores in central or southern Illinois — you may be vaccinated at one of these stores outside of your home county as long as you remain in Illinois and are eligible.

Contact your doctor’s office to ask if they will be vaccinating their patients. Some medical systems have received doses and are administering them to their patients.

Zocdoc is a website that helps you find local vaccine appointments. You can sign up for alerts for when you qualify.

There is a new vaccine facility opening at the United Center on March 9th. Registration for Illinoisans over 65 begins on Thursday March 4th at 8:30pm on Zocdoc or by calling 312-746-4835. If not all appointments are taken by Sunday, March 7th, they will open up availability to Illinoisans in Phase 1B (front line workers and people with certain medical conditions.) You can learn more about the site from this Chicago Tribune article.

Assistance finding a vaccine online:

Many social media groups have sprang up where individuals are helping connect one another to vaccines.

Remember, use caution when sharing personal information on social media.

These two Facebook groups have been in the news recently and may be worth looking into:

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