COVID Vaccine Info for Cook & Will Counties

Last updated: April 13, 2021

Right now, there are several places offering the vaccine, but each place has very limited amounts to administer.

*You may have heard in the news that use of the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine has been temporarily stopped due to six women developing a rare blood clotting disorder. Scientists are studying the vaccine to find out if it played a role in the blood disorder these women developed. There is no known link between the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines and any blood disorders. To learn more, you can read this New York Times article from April 13th.

Is it safe?
Who currently qualifies?
If I qualify, where can I go to get a vaccine?
What if I need help finding a vaccine online?
Can I sign up for a vaccine by phone?

Who currently qualifies?

Cook County & Will County residents:

Both counties have opened up eligibility to all residents and workers ages 16 and older.

If I qualify, where can I go to get a vaccine?

If you live or work in Cook County:

Appointments update periodically through the week, and if you pre-register they will alert you when more appointments will be posted. You can also call them at 833-308-1988.

If you live in Will County:

Visit the site above or call 815-774-7386.

Cook, Will, or other counties:

Contact your doctor’s office to ask if they will be vaccinating their patients. Some medical systems have received doses and are administering them to their patients.

Zocdoc is a website that helps you find local vaccine appointments. You can sign up for alerts for when you qualify and there are available appointments.

This spreadsheet maintained by “Vaccine Angel” volunteers offers up-to-date places to look for vaccine appointments.

What if I need help finding a vaccine online?

Many social media groups have sprang up where individuals are helping connect one another to vaccines. These groups are not affiliated with any organizations or companies, but are just groups of volunteers. Remember, use caution when sharing personal information on social media. For example, you will never need to give your social security number, credit card number, or gift card info for vaccine signups.

These two Facebook groups have been in the news recently and may be worth looking into:

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