Library Policies

Code of Conduct Policy

The Steger-South Chicago Heights Public Library is a tax-supported public institution and is dedicated to fulfilling its mission as a provider of quality and responsive library service to its community. In order to uphold this mission, the Board of Trustees of the Steger-South Chicago Heights Library has adopted a Code of Conduct that reinforces that the rights of the patrons and the library staff and the safety of the facility are paramount at all times. Violation of any of the following rules will result in a warning and/or expulsion from the property. Whenever necessary, police will be contacted. The director and supervisory staff have authority to carry out all powers of this policy. The staff of the Steger-South Chicago Heights Public Library will enforce the code in a respectful and fair manner. Violations of the code include — but are not limited to — the following:

  • Any action or event that violates federal, state or local law
  • Vandalism of the library’s facility, materials or computers
  • Patrons may eat or drink only in the designated areas
  • Absence of shirt or shoes
  • Gambling
  • Loud talking, shouting, screaming or other loud noises
  • Running, pushing, shoving or throwing items in the library
  • Smoking
  • Bringing in animals other than a service animal
  • Using communication or electronic devices at a level that is disturbing to others
  • Solicitation of funds, distribution of literature or promotional materials other than for the benefit of the library
  • Access to staff areas unless accompanied by an employee
  • Lewd or sexual conduct to other patrons or library staff
  • Sleeping
  • Overcrowding of the study tables
  • Loitering
  • Refusal to leave library facility or property
  • Theft
  • Hitting or touching other patrons or library staff
  • No drug or alcohol use
  • Excessive displays of affection
  • Conduct that disrupts the operation of the library
  • Leaving young children unattended at the library
  • Verbal abuse of other patrons or library staff
  • No parking bicycles or other vehicles in a manner that blocks or hinders entry to the library
  • Disturbing others with offensive body odor

Any patron who violates the Code of Conduct shall cease such activity upon request by library personnel. If the behavior continues or the patron responds in an abusive fashion, they will be asked to leave library property immediately. If necessary, the police will be called and an Incident Report completed. In instances regarding minors, the incident may be reported to the parent or the guardian.

If the Code of Conduct violations have required staff intervention on more than one occasion, a 7-day suspension may be issued. Violent behavior will result in a minimum of 30-day suspension. In such cases, if the library has an address on file, a letter explaining the suspension will be mailed to the patron’s home, and an Incident Report will completed. If the patron is a minor, the letter will be mailed to the attention of the parent/guardian. Copies of the letter and the Incident Report will be kept on file with the library director.

Any 30-day suspensions will be reported to the Board of Trustees, and patrons wishing to appeal a suspension may do so upon written request to the Library director. The director will then notify the Board and a hearing will be held within 10 days of the written notification by the patron or parent /guardian. The patron may attend the special meeting, and the Board will notify the patron of the final outcome of the suspension in a letter sent by certified mail.

Illinois law authorizes the Board, “To exclude from use of the Library any person who willfully violates an ordinance or regulation prescribed by the Board.” 75 ILCS 16/30-55.55 — Updated Sept. 2011

Freedom of Information Act

FOIA Officer:
Jennifer Cutshall

Click here for the FOIA form.

Statement on Privacy and Confidentiality of Library Records

The Steger-South Chicago Heights Library staff is dedicated to ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of your library records. In order for us to access and provide your information to you, a library card barcode is required. A child’s library card information may be accessed by the either the child whose name the card is in, or the custodial parent/legal guardian. Because information is accessible with a library card barcode, please report a lost/stolen card immediately. Click here to read the State of Illinois Library Records Confidentiality Act…

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