Staff Recommendations: April 2022

Annamarie recommends…

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)

The ghost and Mrs. Muir is a 1947 production, based on a novel by R.A. Dick, starring Gene Tierney as Mrs. Muir and Rex Harrison as Capt. Daniel Gregg. It’s directed by the talented Joe Mankiewicz, who skillfully crafts a tale of romance which transcends both time and physical reality. As a young widow, Lucy Muir wants to raise her daughter Anna (Natalie Wood) without the interference of her in-laws. She decides to rent a seaside house called Gull Cottage which she finds charming from the get-go. However, it seems Gull Cottage cannot keep tenants for very long for some reason. When she moves in she finds out why; she shares the cottage with the ghost of one of its former residents, Capt. Gregg. The two are a little wary of each other, but as time passes they form a friendship in which Lucy softens Capt. Gregg and he helps her retain her independence by helping her write a swashbuckler’s novel.

Eventually, they fall in love, but obvious complications arise involving their earthbound vs. spirit dynamic.

The film is lovely, with a wonderful score by Bernard Herrman and great cinematography by Charles Lang. The beautiful Tierney was sometimes underrated as an actress and she shines here as Lucy Muir. She is humorous, vulnerable, and resilient with a touch of sweet wistfulness as she navigates her feelings for the gruff, isolated Capt. Gregg. (In fact, there is a ribbon of sweet wistfulness that runs throughout the film.) And Rex Harrison excels as the sardonic, masculine, salty Captain who, even as a spirit, cannot help but fall for Tierney. Interestingly, perhaps this movie resonates today not only because it is a fine example of storytelling, but also because it possibly mirrors more modern challenges. Just as Lucy and Daniel navigate their boundaried co-existence, present day couples sometimes navigate becoming closer through the means of modern technology although they are not physically in the same day-to-day realm.

Devonte recommends…

The Non-Designer’s Design Book by Robin Williams

For nearly 20 years, designers and non-designers alike have been introduced to the fundamental principles of great design by author Robin Williams. Through her straightforward and light-hearted style, Robin has taught hundreds of thousands of people how to make their designs look professional using four surprisingly simple principles. Now in its fourth edition, The Non-Designer’s Design Book offers even more practical design advice, including a new chapter on the fundamentals of typography, more quizzes and exercises to train your Designer Eye, updated projects for you to try, and new visual and typographic examples to inspire your creativity.

Jenny recommends…

As the Wicked Watch by Tamron Hall

The first in a thrilling new series from Emmy Award-winning TV Host and Journalist Tamron Hall, As The Wicked Watch follows a reporter as she unravels the disturbing mystery around the deaths of two young Black women, the work of a serial killer terrorizing Chicago.

Jess recommends…

By Any Other Name by Lauren Kate

What she doesn’t know about love could fill a book. With a successful career as a romance editor, and an engagement to a man who checks off all ninety-nine boxes on her carefully curated list, Lanie’s more than good. She’s killing it. Then she’s given the opportunity of a lifetime: to work with world-renowned author and her biggest inspiration in love and life—the Noa Callaway. All Lanie has to do is cure Noa’s writer’s block and she’ll get the promotion she’s always dreamed of. Simple, right? But there’s a reason no one has ever seen or spoken to the mysterious Noa Calloway. And that reason will rock Lanie’s world. It will call into question everything she thought she knew. When she finally tosses her ninety-nine expectations to the wind, Lanie may just discover that love By Any Other Name can still be as sweet.

Jesus recommends…

Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was – Bright Eyes (2020)

The 10th studio album (and first since 2011) from American indie rock band Bright Eyes, which released to favorable reviews from fans and critics.

Laura recommends…

La Vida Verde: Plant-Based Mexican Cooking with Authentic Flavor by Jocelyn Ramirez

Follow along with Jocelyn Ramirez as she transforms the traditional dishes she grew up making alongside her Abuela into wonderfully flavorful plant-based meals everyone will love. With only a few simple and affordable substitutions, you can capture all the spicy, earthy, savory deliciousness of authentic Mexican cooking, and help friends, family and even the die-hard meat-eaters enjoy a new side of Latin cuisine.

Lauren recommends…

A Little Piece of Light: A Memoir of Hope, Prison, and a Life Unbound by Donna Hylton

Like so many women before her and so many women yet to come, Donna Hylton’s early life was a nightmare of abuse that left her feeling alone and convinced of her worthlessness. In 1986, she took part in a horrific act and was sentenced to 25 years to life for kidnapping and second-degree murder. It seemed that Donna had reached the end–at age 19, due to her own mistakes and bad choices, her life was over. A Little Piece of Light tells the heartfelt, often harrowing tale of Donna’s journey back to life as she faced the truth about the crime that locked her away for 27 years…and celebrated the family she found inside prison that ultimately saved her. Behind the bars of Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, alongside this generation’s most infamous criminals, Donna learned to fight, then thrive.

Sal recommends…

Voyage by ABBA

Voyage is the ninth studio album by Swedish group ABBA, released on 5 November 2021. It is the group’s first album of new material in 40 years following The Visitors, and it contains 10 songs all composed by ABBA’s songwriters, Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus.